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Monday, October 8, 2012

What to Do When Men Pull Away

Getting an ex back is always an option, but sometimes you can save yourself a lot of heartache and misery if you can read the signs in advance of a breakup that say something is WRONG!!! One of those signs is when your man starts pulling away. Unless you're completely oblivious to the things that he is doing that indicates this is happening, (which might be part of the problem in the first place), then you should be able to notice right away when a problem is arising. When you sense this or are reading these signs, it's time to address the issue now. The problem is, how! How do you proceed in this scenario. If you're like most women, you really don't know what to do when men pull away and aren't sure how to handle it. I found some information to share with you about the topic. This should help answer the questions and keep you from having to guess at the answer. Read this information and watch the video above so you can find out what you should do if your man pulls away. Stop him now before you go from just be distance to breaking up!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to Get Back the Love of an Ex

How to Get Back the Love of an Ex - Basic Step to Get Love Back

Have you recently broken up with the person of your dreams, maybe even the one you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with?  I have to tell you I’m sorry for your loss and the pain you’re going through right now.  Breakups are devastating and letting go of someone you love is one of the hardest things to do in life.
But I have some good news for you.

While it may seem that there is no way for things to work out, there is actually a good chance that the relationship can be mended and the two of you can be together again.   But in order for that to happen, you’ll need to know how to get back the love of an ex.
That’s what this article is for.

Now to start with learning about how to get back the love of an ex, first I want to give you a warning.  The methods I refer to in this process might seem somewhat unconventional.  They could go against every natural instinct that’s residing in your being.  But having said that, I can assure you they work, and so can several thousand other folks who have put these practices into play and ended up saving their relationship and even getting an ex back.

Because of how effective these steps are, if you apply them and put what is said here in action, you could be well on your way to obtaining the same successful results.

Another caution that is necessary is to let you know that most of these steps will require changes within you.  Having said that, it certainly doesn’t mean you are a bad person or need to make yourself completely different…not in the least.  What it may mean though is that the old you may need a tune up, mentally, physically, and even emotionally.

Making small changes to the way you act, the way you look, and the way you respond to your ex may be all that is necessary.  Regardless of how big or small, it’s this tune up that creates a new and improved you that will big a huge part of the reason for you ex to want you again.

Now, if you’re willing to do the work then let’s talk details about how to get the love back of an ex.
The first, and most important step that is necessary to get an ex back is to believe that the two of you can be together again.  Hang on to that idea and don’t give up on the possibility unless you have decided to stop trying to win your ex back.

The purpose of this step is based on the basic premise of faith.  According to Saint Augustine, “Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”  Meaning, you have to see the result first before it can actually come to be.

And it was Henry Ford who said, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right.”  His words are another confirmation of the fact that believing that something can happen is a necessity in order for it to even have the possibility of being true.

Both of these quotes are powerful statements attesting to this first basic step in how to get back the love of an ex.

The next step is to do a self check and that check should be in all areas, mentally, physically, emotionally, even spiritually.  You may find yourself questioning the reasons for this, but stick with me and I’ll explain why this is important.

First, take a look in the mirror.  What do you see?  Who do you see?  Can you say that physically you are at your best?  Are you as fit as you could be?  And even if being at you best is a ways away, how about starting with small improvements. 

Taking action to improve yourself physically brings a number of benefits to you.  You’ll feel better physically.  You’ll find that exercising as a part of you improvement process helps relieve stress.  You’ll get stronger physically.  And of course as your physique changes, you’ll look better too.

Interestingly enough, these changes have a way of transcending the physical aspect of the being and impacting, in a positive way, the emotional and mental well being as well.

Other things you can do to positively influence your mental and emotional well-being are to grow intellectually by taking a class, learning a new hobby, building or creating something, or even teaching others.  Volunteering is another great way to improve on your personal well being.

By making these changes, you begin affecting how you feel about yourself.  Once embarking on this journey you’ll find a new self-confidence not build on ego and not severely encumbered by pride.  And when you think about it, is self-confidence not a feature you find attractive in others???

Now let’s dive into other aspects of change that will help you get back the love of an ex.

Think back to the time when you were with your ex as a couple.  How did you treat him or her?  Did you listen… and I mean really listen when they were talking to you?  Did you pay attention to them when they were talking?  Did you treat them with respect?

Doing these things are naturally the way we communicate and treat someone that we want to get close to and develop a relationship with.  The unfortunate thing is that just like how well we take care of ourselves, in many instances we stop putting that same effort into the relationship after it’s been existence for awhile.

We take things for granted and make assumptions that some reckless word or action will slide.  After awhile, those things start adding up, building up, and becoming the wall that separates the two of you.  Your ex saying goodbye is one tough way to learn this difficult lesson.  But now that you are aware of it, you can use it to improve on how you do things in the future when you get back the love of your ex.

One easy way to keep this in mind is to remember the old adage, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  How do you want to be treated?  Do you want your partner to look good and take care of him or herself?  Then do the same for you.

Do you want your partner to pay attention when you’re talking and really listen to what you are saying?  Then do the same for him and her.  This also applies to the respect issue and anything and everything else you do.
The third and final step to discuss is the one that may be most difficult.  It’s the very one that plays a key factor in your success.  Yet, it’s also the one that most cannot fathom doing.

It’s the one that requires…letting go.  I can also refer to it as, playing it cool. 

Let me ask you, have you ever found yourself attracted to someone who’s not showing any attraction to you?  They’ve drawn you unto them by being attractive in all aspects, physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.  They’re confident, good looking, friendly, easy to talk to, fun to be around, and not too intense.

They listen to you and pay attention to what you say.
They respect you and make you feel important.  You connect with them and find yourself wanting to be around them more and more.  When you’re talking with them you feel like you could talk for hours and not stop.  And you find yourself truly enjoying your time with them.

Your disappointment happens and longing for the next communication when you’re talking on the phone really enjoying the conversation and after about 5 minutes, they politely end the conversation with friendliness and charm leaving you to want more.

Can you see it?  The phone rings.  It’s him…or her.  You’re so excited to talk to him or her.  You get on the phone.  The voice is kind, and you start talking just like he’s right there.  He asks how you’re doing, what you’re doing, etc.  You just start talking and when you’re just getting started and all those feelings of attraction start coming over you. You hear, “Hey, I’m sorry.  I have to get somewhere so I need to let you go for now.  Good talking to you, etc., etc., etc.”  Disappointment overcomes you.  It’s like being woken up from a great dream.

Is this experience familiar? Well, this is what you want to do.  And achieving this big when it comes to how to get back the love of an ex.  That means, if you’re currently calling your ex constantly, sending texts, following, (or for many, stalking them), going to the same places where they are at. You need to stop now. 

Give your ex a little time, and in that time do those things that will help you to improve upon you.  When the time is right, it will be time to play the role of the elusive one just like the person I mentioned on the phone.

When you step back, leave your ex alone, and use that time to improve upon yourself.  When it’s time to connect with your ex you can play it cool, calm, and collected.  You can be the person that she or he is drawn to, but can’t have.

Casually, start talking with them again without putting expectations on the outcome of the conversation.  Keep communication brief, 2 to 5 minutes max.  Don’t refer to the old days or say things that will cause any pressure.  Simply ask how they are doing from sincere concern and leave it at that. 

The keys are keeping the conversation light and brief.  Over time, that will build.  Friendship will grow and so too the love will return.

There are other critical steps in the process of finding out how to get the love of an ex back, but these are the basics and some of the most important.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Get Your Ex to Want You Back

Have you recently broken up with the one you love?  Was he man of your dreams…the girl you planned on spending the rest of your life with? 
Do you find yourself wanting to get back together with him or her, but the big question is, “How to get your ex to want you back?”

Love…sometimes it seems to be the biggest mystery in the world.  And yet oddly enough, it’s a lot less complicated than you might think.

There are a lot of reasons why a relationship can go bad, why one person falls out of love with another.  Most of them are based on some very basics things, many of which we forget when we’ve been in a relationship for awhile.  Discovering how to get your ex to want you back in many instances simply just requires application of a few reminders in the way you act and do things.

Here are some examples of that means…

First, take a step back in time and recall how you were when your ex and you both met.  Chances are you were both fairly independent, confident…but not egotistical.  You liked your space and didn’t require constant attention.  You were polite, respectful, and courteous. 

When you were first getting to know your boyfriend or girlfriend, you really paid attention when he or she was talking.  And you listened to what he or she said.

So let me ask you about now.  If you really thought about it, do you act the same way toward your ex now as you did then?  It’s important to be honest with yourself in that answer. 
Do you still act with courtesy and politeness?  Are you more demanding in what you want?  Do you still treat him or her with the same respect, giving the same kind of care and attentiveness?  Do you still maintain a healthy level of independence giving him his space and you getting yours?

Please don’t get me wrong.  I’m not trying to beat you down for how you’ve may have changed.  We all change as we get older.  We all get, “comfortable in our own skin” as that say and sometimes “too” comfortable in our relationships, maybe even taking things and people for granted.  You would be normal in that process.  However, in that happening, sometimes we get lazy and even lose some of the qualities that made our boyfriend or girlfriend fall in love with us in the first place.

And if you really want to know how to get your ex to want you back, a game changing answer is in identifying those qualities that won him or her over in the first place and getting back to those ways…even developing some new ones that show signs of positive self growth.

Consider this for a moment.  How are you handling your physical being these days?  Could you maybe hit the gym and…tune up the engine? 

What about paying your ex a sincere compliment the next time you see him or her, doing so without requiring any response nor with the intent of “looking for something” in return. Or, what about doing something for yourself that helps to just improve you mentally or emotionally?

When it comes to getting your ex to want you back, doing these things is what will make it happen. 
In all honesty, discovering how to get your ex to want you back involves some fairly basic steps.  And truthfully, they all start with you.  Becoming a better you.  A new and improved you.  Not just one your ex will like…but one you will like too.

Wishing you all the best,

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Honest Help to Get Back Together with Your Ex

Saying goodbye to the one you love is one of the most painful experiences you can go through.  In fact, sometimes it seems like the hurt will never end.  It's not a good feeling and certainly not one I would wish on anybody. 

If you're going through this struggle right now, first of all...I'm sorry for your loss.  Beyond that I want to offer some hope.  It may not be too late to get back together with your ex.  You just may need a little help to do it. 

My last breakup brought me the fortunate circumstance of meeting a man who shared with me some really simple common sense information that helped me to get back together with my ex.  Though I can't make any promises I can say that if the information he gave could help me, then I know it can help others as well. 

The name of the guy I'm talking about is affectionately called T Dub Jackson.  He's a little quirky but I guess that's one of the things that make him so down to earth.  I'm sharing a video he made below where he mentions a few things that will help you on your way back to getting your ex back.

I hope that this video has helped.  Here is a link to another video if you would like to watch and learn more....

If you are interesting in learning more about what T Dub has click on...get back together with your ex.

Wishing you the best...

Jo Chris

Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to Get a Woman Back If You Really Want Her

Have you recently said goodbye to the love of your life...or maybe she's said good bye to you but now you realize the you really want her back?  Depending on who you ask, some people might say it's easy to get a girl back.  Still others who don't believe in the possibility would probably just say to let her go.  Each scenario is different and the outcome of your endeavor to get a women back depends on a few things like the situation and both of the personalities involved in the relationship but in truth, typically with a little help and skill and definitely dedication on your part, you can get a women back into your arms again.

To get started on your path to get your woman back again you must first understand why she left in the first place and as you probably are already aware, there can be several reasons why a woman would leave her man.  However in the majority of instances there are two primary causes.  There is either boredom for her in her relationship of she is feeling under or absolutely no appreciation at all.  Consider this.  In a case where you may have cheated on the woman you want back, do you think that she would feel appreciated...especially after you had broken your trust with her?  I'm confident you've responded with a pretty firm, NO!!!

And us women, I have to admit that we get pretty fickle when too much predictability occurs in a relationship.  Now before you start going off about all the things you think you may have to do to avoid the boredom like showering her constantly with flowers, jewelry, compliments, and more let me clarify.  All I'm saying is to change things up on occasion.  If you come home every night after work tired and not wanting to do anything, that's what has to change.  On occasion you need to surprise her by taking her to dinner.  On occasion, go to the movies, or even ask the women you love and care about out on a date.  Don't get all crazy and go overboard because the can get to be the routine and most likely neither you or she wants that life.  Simplicity with a little "pizzazz" is a great way to avoid boredom and keep things fresh.

Always be considerate with the one you love as well.  Call when you say you're going to call.  Don't show up late to engagement and make sure to show the women you love that your care.  Don't leave her guessing whether you do or don't by not showing any affection at all.  It would be a good idea to pay attention to how you are talking to her, treating her, and whether you focus any time on her.  If you don't do these things...you can be sure the woman will notice and take action if she thinks the behavior is continuing for too long.  If she has already talked with you about this before then it is more likely her next conversation with you about this will be without words and just simply the closing of the door behind her as she leaves you behind.

After looking back at what may have gone wrong, you need to decide for certain what you want next before determining how to get a woman back.  It starts with a good long look in the mirror and a couple of very important questions.  First, identify to yourself in all sincerity the mistakes that you made? Then ask yourself if you still have feelings left for this  woman or are you just looking to get back into something comfortable such as your old routine? 

It's important after a relationship breaks up to take some time, take a step back, and look at it with some objectivity.  It's not a great place to be but a necessity none-the-less.  And it's a critical step if you want to win your woman back.  With so much involved in a relationship, taking this step back is the biggest step forward you could take in winning the woman you love back.

Just remember that while you are figuring out what to do to win the one you love back, it's also very important to take  care of you.  Putting some time and focus on that will also be a huge help and clarification as to whether you actually want to figure out how to get a women back.

To your success in love,

Jo Chris

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Got My Boyfriend Back and I am So Very Happy about it I Could Simply Cry

Here's a story that was shared with me from a fan of one of the best resources I've ever seen to help get back together with your ex, The Magic of Making Up.  Remember, I can say that because it helped me to get back together with my ex and from this story, apparently it's helping others do the same.  Discover how Ashley got here boyfriend back here.

I've been hanging here on the couch together with my girl, Mandy, crying together with laughing both at the same time. In fact we're both being so goofy and o giddy, it really is a riot. Then I almost pee on myself when we get to laughing so hard. Oh No! Here I go starting to giggle again. Wait for a second.  As soon as I stop laughing I can tell you about it all....Okay, I'm good now.

See, it was nearly six months ago, though I can remember it like yesterday, my boyfriend dumped me.  He said it was over and then said goodbye. I know you can imagine, how so totally devastated I was.  At first I couldn't believe he told me that.  I was in shock.  Then, when the meaning of those words sunk in, I started to hurt...inside, like someone what digging a hole into my heart and yet it wasn't a physical pain just a hurt deep in my chest...It was a broken heart.

After that I was just a wreck.  It seemed that all I was doing was crying every moment of the day.  My mind was distracted and I couldn't think.  I found when I did think, it was only about my ex.  If you've ever had a broken heart then you know what I’m saying huh?

After just a few days into the saddest event of my life, it hit me! It was like a charge from a white hot lightning bolt piercing through the sky and hitting me. You know, I love this guy.  I really, really love him and spending the rest of my life with him was what I really wanted. That's when the initial question popped into my head about, "How do I get him back?"

I tried a borage texting and calling to no avail.  All he did was ignore me.  I even followed him like some kind of mad stalker...although it seemed perfectly sane at the time.  Then I hit my lowest when I went to his place and nearly begged him to take me back.  I was almost even on my knees. Jacob was very kind and gentle while he tried to explained what he was going through.  But then he asked me to leave and that’s when I lost it. I blew my top and then I left.

When I got home I immediately phoned Mandy, literally being unable to talk and bawling my eyes out again.  Thank God she rushed over not only to offer comfort but also give some much needed advice.

See, Mandy went through a breakup with her man last year as well.  She was very familiar with what I was going through so when we talked she told me how she had tried all the same things I had and you know what...they didn’t work for her either. It was then I asked, "O.K., so how did you get John back then?”

She said, “Lisen.” “Ashley first off,  you've got to stop acting like such a fool. Now's the time you need to figure why Jacob left you.  Then, once we discover that we can layout the game plan that will get him back.” And trust me that‘s exactly what we did.

Mandy busted out her copy of the “Magic of Making Up” and wrote down the list of strategies she used and the ones I would need to utilize if I really wanted to win my ex back:

* Start working on me to look my best, not just part of the time but all of the time
* Figure out why Jacob and I had fallen in love in the first place

* Get back to doing the things that had originally attracted Jacob to me
* Stop bothering him...IE: stop texting, stop calling, and stop going to his house

To put and end to an already long story, I went through with our battle plan.  I followed it to a "T" and guess what.  Last night Jacob asked me to marry him. Oh my God! And the ring is gorgeous. And that is the reason why I’m so happy I could cry.

But to tell you the truth, without Mandy's help and her tips from the Magic of Making Up I would have lost Jacob and he would be gone forever.

That's wonderful news for Ashley.  You can see that she is definitely excited and there is a tremendous amount of joy in her recent turn of events.  It is an amazing and wonderful feeling when you can say, I got my boyfriend back.

Wishing for you the biggest success in love,

Jo Chris
The Magic of Making Up

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Here's Some "How Do I Win Ex Back Advice" That Works

When you break up with someone or that person breaks up with you, there are a ton of different emotions swirling around.  Initially, if you're the person left behind the idea of winning your ex back comes automatically.  However, if you're the person who left...then the thought of winning your ex back doesn't come to mind until you realize that this is the person you care about and want to be with.  Then you are left desperate looking for some how to win ex back advice that will work.  After all, breaking someone's heart is going to require more than chocolates and flowers to fix.

Before you go pursing the one you left, it would be a good idea to really consider if you want that person back because you really care about him or are you just looking to fill a void and heck, you are familiar with this person so why not...at least until the next best thing comes along.  If you aren't looking for something permanent, please do your ex a favor and leave him alone.

If you are the one left behind and you are trying to get the how to win ex back advice for yourself, I would give the same precautions.  Make sure this person...this relationship is something you really want before putting the time and energy it will take to win your ex back.

If after thinking about the subject you decide to move on then just remember the lesson the event taught you in order to hopefully make your next relationship better.  However, if you have decided your ex is the one for you...great!  Now it's time to get him.

First, always remember compassion.  If you were the one walking out the door it's important to understand the hurt and pain you caused to the one watching you go.  If you were the one left behind, this is an excellent time to recognize that there was a reason your current ex left.  And if you want that ex back, it time to make those changes now. 

Hey, it's always important to remember that relationships are a two way street.  In both ways, understanding, compassion, and respect are a must in order to make the relationship a success.  The old saying do unto others....yea, you know it...works really well here.     

Now it's time to apply the strategies in the how to win ex back advice that will help convince them to give you a another chance.  And believe me when I say there are a lot of strategies.  Let's just make sure to stick with the ones that work, okay?

First, it helps if you can see their point of view.  Try to understand how they are feeling and take things gently and at their pace. If you did the breaking up, you may need to convince them that you are not just bored of single life but actually miss them as a person.  You will have to remind them of all the reasons why they fell in love with you and why your relationship as a couple is worth salvaging.  If you were the one your ex was leaving, it's time to make some changes in your life that will captivate your ex's attention and make him want you back.  (Just remember that trying to make him or her jealous is not a winning tactic.) 

Regardless of which side of the fence you reside from, remember there is no way you can force another person to fall in love with you.  That technique isn't even worth trying.  Getting angry or jealous doesn't work either.  You need to show them that you are mature and worth their time.  You need to prove that you are 100% committed to achieving happiness as a couple and that you want them in your life forever and not just because you are now lonely.

It would be well worth reading a couple of relationship advice books to make sure that you give this chance to win ex back your best shot.  We often only get one real chance to convince our ex partners to take us back.  Don't ruin it by being unprepared.

Follow this how to win ex back advice and get the one you love back in the quickest time you ever thought possible.

To your success in love

Jo Chris

P.S.  Here's the book that helped me and thousands of others win back my ex ==> win ex back advice.
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