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Friday, January 22, 2010

Here's Some "How Do I Win Ex Back Advice" That Works

When you break up with someone or that person breaks up with you, there are a ton of different emotions swirling around.  Initially, if you're the person left behind the idea of winning your ex back comes automatically.  However, if you're the person who left...then the thought of winning your ex back doesn't come to mind until you realize that this is the person you care about and want to be with.  Then you are left desperate looking for some how to win ex back advice that will work.  After all, breaking someone's heart is going to require more than chocolates and flowers to fix.

Before you go pursing the one you left, it would be a good idea to really consider if you want that person back because you really care about him or are you just looking to fill a void and heck, you are familiar with this person so why not...at least until the next best thing comes along.  If you aren't looking for something permanent, please do your ex a favor and leave him alone.

If you are the one left behind and you are trying to get the how to win ex back advice for yourself, I would give the same precautions.  Make sure this person...this relationship is something you really want before putting the time and energy it will take to win your ex back.

If after thinking about the subject you decide to move on then just remember the lesson the event taught you in order to hopefully make your next relationship better.  However, if you have decided your ex is the one for you...great!  Now it's time to get him.

First, always remember compassion.  If you were the one walking out the door it's important to understand the hurt and pain you caused to the one watching you go.  If you were the one left behind, this is an excellent time to recognize that there was a reason your current ex left.  And if you want that ex back, it time to make those changes now. 

Hey, it's always important to remember that relationships are a two way street.  In both ways, understanding, compassion, and respect are a must in order to make the relationship a success.  The old saying do unto others....yea, you know it...works really well here.     

Now it's time to apply the strategies in the how to win ex back advice that will help convince them to give you a another chance.  And believe me when I say there are a lot of strategies.  Let's just make sure to stick with the ones that work, okay?

First, it helps if you can see their point of view.  Try to understand how they are feeling and take things gently and at their pace. If you did the breaking up, you may need to convince them that you are not just bored of single life but actually miss them as a person.  You will have to remind them of all the reasons why they fell in love with you and why your relationship as a couple is worth salvaging.  If you were the one your ex was leaving, it's time to make some changes in your life that will captivate your ex's attention and make him want you back.  (Just remember that trying to make him or her jealous is not a winning tactic.) 

Regardless of which side of the fence you reside from, remember there is no way you can force another person to fall in love with you.  That technique isn't even worth trying.  Getting angry or jealous doesn't work either.  You need to show them that you are mature and worth their time.  You need to prove that you are 100% committed to achieving happiness as a couple and that you want them in your life forever and not just because you are now lonely.

It would be well worth reading a couple of relationship advice books to make sure that you give this chance to win ex back your best shot.  We often only get one real chance to convince our ex partners to take us back.  Don't ruin it by being unprepared.

Follow this how to win ex back advice and get the one you love back in the quickest time you ever thought possible.

To your success in love

Jo Chris

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