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Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to Get a Woman Back If You Really Want Her

Have you recently said goodbye to the love of your life...or maybe she's said good bye to you but now you realize the you really want her back?  Depending on who you ask, some people might say it's easy to get a girl back.  Still others who don't believe in the possibility would probably just say to let her go.  Each scenario is different and the outcome of your endeavor to get a women back depends on a few things like the situation and both of the personalities involved in the relationship but in truth, typically with a little help and skill and definitely dedication on your part, you can get a women back into your arms again.

To get started on your path to get your woman back again you must first understand why she left in the first place and as you probably are already aware, there can be several reasons why a woman would leave her man.  However in the majority of instances there are two primary causes.  There is either boredom for her in her relationship of she is feeling under or absolutely no appreciation at all.  Consider this.  In a case where you may have cheated on the woman you want back, do you think that she would feel appreciated...especially after you had broken your trust with her?  I'm confident you've responded with a pretty firm, NO!!!

And us women, I have to admit that we get pretty fickle when too much predictability occurs in a relationship.  Now before you start going off about all the things you think you may have to do to avoid the boredom like showering her constantly with flowers, jewelry, compliments, and more let me clarify.  All I'm saying is to change things up on occasion.  If you come home every night after work tired and not wanting to do anything, that's what has to change.  On occasion you need to surprise her by taking her to dinner.  On occasion, go to the movies, or even ask the women you love and care about out on a date.  Don't get all crazy and go overboard because the can get to be the routine and most likely neither you or she wants that life.  Simplicity with a little "pizzazz" is a great way to avoid boredom and keep things fresh.

Always be considerate with the one you love as well.  Call when you say you're going to call.  Don't show up late to engagement and make sure to show the women you love that your care.  Don't leave her guessing whether you do or don't by not showing any affection at all.  It would be a good idea to pay attention to how you are talking to her, treating her, and whether you focus any time on her.  If you don't do these things...you can be sure the woman will notice and take action if she thinks the behavior is continuing for too long.  If she has already talked with you about this before then it is more likely her next conversation with you about this will be without words and just simply the closing of the door behind her as she leaves you behind.

After looking back at what may have gone wrong, you need to decide for certain what you want next before determining how to get a woman back.  It starts with a good long look in the mirror and a couple of very important questions.  First, identify to yourself in all sincerity the mistakes that you made? Then ask yourself if you still have feelings left for this  woman or are you just looking to get back into something comfortable such as your old routine? 

It's important after a relationship breaks up to take some time, take a step back, and look at it with some objectivity.  It's not a great place to be but a necessity none-the-less.  And it's a critical step if you want to win your woman back.  With so much involved in a relationship, taking this step back is the biggest step forward you could take in winning the woman you love back.

Just remember that while you are figuring out what to do to win the one you love back, it's also very important to take  care of you.  Putting some time and focus on that will also be a huge help and clarification as to whether you actually want to figure out how to get a women back.

To your success in love,

Jo Chris

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